New Century 50a Low Switchstand Assembly Instructions

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    Orig New Cent 50A Stand Assm S.jpg Step-by-step instructions showing how to assemble and paint an HO scale New Century 50A Low Switchstand in several variations. Each kit includes eleven different targets and six different switch lamps.

    They will be available soon in a:
    -10 pack for $30.00US (priced at $3.00US per switchstand)

    Lamp lenses should be about 1.5MM diameter.
    Hobby Lobby sells 1.6MM diameter. "ROUND RHINESTONE BORDER STICKERS" in correct colors - search their website for SKU #863241.

    A magnifying headset (Optivisor) and a precision sprue cutter like the Intermountain BB-1015, Micro-Mark #82393 or UMM-USA GMT01 are required to cut the parts from the support framework.

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