Custom Piece Inspection

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    alright, first of all i think its only fair to say this is not the creators fault, he already did a number of tests on it and it would seem he has gotten busy, but i still want to see why this piece is flawed, i can only guess either A shapeways screwed up the data and or B the data in comparison to another piece he already made. hopefully just maybe because he hasnt done a foot piece in some time, he might have forgotten he already did a foot piece with the correct size and that might have been left out. i also wana say its all good so theres no hard feelings, but considering people have made plenty of masks and weapons, why cant this be possible? i believe it can, i know nothing of this hobby but i have gotten pretty lucky with custom made parts and unfortunately most are too busy and or have no interest in making new weapons or redesigning them and tbh with lego discontinued, the more custom parts the better for more exciting builds. so i dont want this to be a waste

    TL/DR: i dont want this design to go to waste, im thankful for the creator for trying but i want to see it made made real and functional
    again i may know nothing about this stuff, but looking at the photo i took, it only needs another tiny inch to the beam

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