67 Designs Products

67 Designs partners with Shapeways to manufacture sturdy mounting designs for holding devices while off-roading. With the goal of creating a luxury accessory, 67 Designs worked with Shapeways to expand into industrial-grade production, remaining dedicated to additive manufacturing even when consumer demand was growing to the point of mass production. Their team truly believes in the advantages and future of 3D printing, leading them to use the technology whenever possible.

The most recent 3D printing use case between Shapeways and 67 Designs involved refining a third-generation product. While the two companies have worked on previous product generations together, 67 Designs believes in constant innovation with no fear in trying new materials and technology. They have worked with 3D printed metal, aluminum alloy, and experimented with other materials too before settling on Nylon 12 [Versatile Plastic] for its durability. 

Shapeways 3D prints parts for 67 Designs via SLS, a technology the 67 Designs team is drawn to as it allows for high-end designs that are rugged but also elegant. Products like their iPad Tablet Holders can be installed in four-wheelers, eighteen-wheelers, boats, and planes.