Rolling the Dice for Success

The Shapeways community has now helped launch yet another wildly successful Kickstarter project with Matt Chisholm AKA glyphobet’s Mathematician’s Dice.

With 12 days to go, Matt has exceeded his request of $2,200 with $13,649 already pledged to his project!

Congratulations Matt!!! Who will be next to leverage Shapeways and Kickstarter to realize their ideas?

Let us know when you launch and we will fan the flames of your success!

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  1. Shapeways Blog

    How to succeed with Kickstarter and Shapeways 3D printing. We mentioned Joshua Parker’s Kickstarter project a few days back where he was looking for $500 worth of backing to get his intricate skull sculptures out into the world but with 34 days to go

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