Full Color Sandstone Gets The Hammer Test

Ever wanted to know just how strong 3D printed full color sandstone was but did not want to destroy one of your own prints?  Now you can see just how surprisingly tough it really is at it is submitted to the hammer test by Kaetemi. I love the YouTube tags: Shapeways, 3Dprint, Hammer, Destruction. Say is it all.


Perhaps we will need to make some videos for ourselves of material tests, model fails, and just general destruction?


  1. Aaron Trocola

    Tests like this are very helpful to help people get an idea of the material characteristics. I had a sort of funny exchange with Peter about this when he asked me what I thought of the sandstone Shapeways logo free samples.

    AT: Great idea! I broke mine in half.
    PW: That’s too bad.
    AT:I did it on purpose.
    PW: Oh…ok.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him I then tried to set the pieces on fire. They burn but do not sustain combustion. :)

    1. duann scott


      I did exactly the same thing with mine, showed my wife, then snapped it.
      Rubbed them together, tapped them together to see if they would chip..
      But did not think of setting it on fire, nice to see someone taking it all the way…

  2. Jan Boon

    Yeah, I’d like to see some videos featuring chainsaws, objects thrown out of windows, and involving fire. =)

    1. Duann

      I once sold a 1968 chrysler on ebay and someone offered me $50 to burn it and post the video on YouTube,
      Unfortunately I got a higher bid…..

      So, chainsaws, windows & fire.


  3. Christopher Cardinal

    I too would like to see a standardized test to demonstrate the hardness qualities of the various materials. There are those of us that use your service for engineering related projects, not just “making stuff”.

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