Full Color 3D Print Student Contest

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Calling all Students
Want to test your 3D modeling skills, have your object 3D printed in full color by Shapeways and win $100 worth of 3D printing?

The 2010 Shapeways Full Color 3D Print Student Contest is looking for the most creative and innovative model that can be 3D printed in full color.  If you are an animation student you could 3D print your lead character, if you are an industrial design student you could 3D print your next prototype, if you are a medical student you could 3D print a dissected toe, the possibilities are open to you.

Simply upload your full color model to Shapeways by the 31st of May with the tag “Student Contest” and you will be in the running to win.  The five best models will be printed for free by Shapeways and sent to your door.  The winning design will also receive $100 worth of Shapeways 3D printing services.

Judging criteria will include:

  • Beauty of Form,
  • Use of Color,
  • Originality and
  • Community votes (so get your friends to register to vote).

Visit the following Shapeways pages for more information on:
Designing for full color printing,
Exporting full color files,
The Full Color Sandstone material specifications,
Gallery of full color models.

To Enter:

  • Upload your full color model to Shapeways with the tag ‘Student Contest’ before the 31st of May 2010,
  • The entry must be public and be in Full Color Sandstone,
  • Entry must have a cost of between $25-50 to print excluding mark-up and VAT,
  • Upload a full color render as preview,
  • You must currently be enrolled as a full time student,
  • We will announce the winners by the 7th of June after having studied the entries (we know that students submit their work at the very last minute),
  • Winners will be decided by the Shapeways team, we will take into account community votes but they will not be final,
  • No cash or other alternative prizes available,
  • You can not be a Shapeways employee or relative of a Shapeways employee.

For full terms and conditions and more information visit the Shapeways Contest Page.


  1. Mitchell Jetten

    7th of June,,, that’s my birthday,
    and i’m a full time student, so let’s try something!

    first i was thinking of a maximum size train, but i think it will cost more as $50 :P

    1. duann scott

      You could start with the engine for the competition and do the carriages when (I mean if) you win the $100 voucher.

      Happy birthday and good luck.

  2. Mitchell Jetten

    Duann, that’s true, but i acually meant to make a engine with the maximum size of the tray (H)

    hehe (A)

  3. Steve Marshall

    Can we submit more than one entry?
    I don’t think it mentions that in the Terms & Condititons.

  4. duann scott

    Hi there Steve,

    You can enter as many times as you like.

    We look forward to seeing your designs.


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