Designer for Hire: Generative Modeling and Scripting Artist Dolf Veenvliet

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We see many requests come into Shapeways via email and forums for people needing help realizing their ideas with 3D printing. Sometimes they have a sketch, sometimes they have a photograph, sometimes they have a 3D model they have started but can’t get to the 3D printing stage. Shapeways Designers for Hire are 3D modelers who have the skills to help others get their ideas in their hands with Shapeways 3D printing.

Our third Designer for Hire, Dolf Veenvliet aka macouno is an artist with a long experience in generative modeling and 3d scripting.

Shapeways User Name: macouno
Shapeways Shop: macouno

Bio: I have been active in the Blender 3D community for over a decade. And in the latter half have been focussing on generative design and 3D printing. Through my own work I’ve acquired a lot of expertise in creating clean/printable 3D models and technical solutions that I can offer others. Specifically the combination of 3D modeling/design and web development and/or python scripting can be very powerful in situations where you want to generate a series of unique models. I also teach both groups and in private.

Services Offered:
  • 3d modeling
  • file repair
  • 3d scanning
  • 3d modeling
  • generative design/creation of automated systems/renderers
  • education/workshops

3D Modeling Specialties:

  • engineering
  • character
  • organic
  • from photo
  • from sketch
  • 3D related programming in python
Examples of projects undertaken:

Pricing Structure: starting at € 75.- an hour (negotiable)

See more examples of work on
If you have 3D modeling skills and would like to offer your services as a designer for hire please email duann at shapeways dot com with the subject Designer for Hire.