Super Realistic 3D Printed Dog

Every now and then we see an object that is hard to believe it is 3D printed, in this case it is the Bulldog 3D printed in Full Color Sandstone byMISS3. This is by far the most realistic 3D printed object we have seen so far and now the challenge is on…

Can you design something so realistic we will not know that it is a 3D print? 

3d print your dog


  1. Shapeways Blog

    3D Printing isn’t just about photorealistic bulldogs, beautiful jewelry and iPhone cases, it is also a way to design, prototype and produce more complex products by integrating other components. Check out this working stepper motor constru

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you, this model is over 6 years old and was waiting for being alive :)
    Now thanks to shapeways team its possible.

    And now we are trying rest of the materials. We will show you soon.
    We are looking forward for gold glossy :) , huhuhu

  3. Lucas Jerzy Portela

    About this, I recomend reading the short novel Morel’s Invention, by argentinian fantastic-fiction (or maybe surrealist) writer Adolfo Bioy-Casares.

  4. miss3

    Thanks, guys, actually i have a rig and skin for this model :) .
    Lets ask shapeways, if there something like full color flexible plastic, and its done.

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