Whether decorative or functional, planter stakes in a garden (or for those of us in tiny New York apartments, in a house plant!) are a fun and easy way for anyone to use 3D printing — regardless of skill level!

*Pro-tip: Vegetables are good for you! We provided larger files to give you flexibility, try scaling them down to save money (and if you don’t like your greens)

We’ve provided files to get you started. Pick from peas, tomatoes, and onions

New to the world of 3D printing? Simply follow the prompt to upload the stake of your choice and select the preferred color and material… and you’ve successfully completed first 3D printed project.

We’ve heard from a lot of people “I don’t have a 3D model” or from others “I need an idea”. We intentionally picked a basic design — inspired by summer — to help get you started.

Valid through May 25, use code INSPIRATION for 10% OFF your own models.