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  1. acecombat5ace
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    I'm not sure if this is the right area for it. But I need some custom parts made. I have an HO scale model train that needs new ash pans however the manufacturer no longer has the parts I need in HO scale. I was wondering if I was able to obtain the larger scale piece, someone would be able to model it and scale it down to the size I need. There is a left and right side.

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  2. SemperVaporo
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    Have you looked through the MARKETPLACE on this site... click the link at the top of any page here. There is a search function that should help you narrow down to the part if someone has already modeled it. If it is not already available, you might contact the maker of similar parts to see if they can help.
  3. acecombat5ace
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    Already tried but nothing comes up. I even asked the manufacturer if they have any from a broken Triplex but they don't have any. In fact no one but MTH and Sam Hongsa (Westside Models) has made an HO scale Triplex
  4. SemperVaporo
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    I meant to see if you can contact someone selling HO parts on the MARKETPLACE to see if they might take on the task of modeling the parts you want.
  5. barkingdigger
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    Try posting your message in the "3D Design Requests" forum and see if anyone steps up to offer their services.