$500 3D Printer Kit: The eMAKER Huxley (no longer) SOLD OUT

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UPDATE: Another 500 eMaker 3D printers have now been made available for $550!!!! Expect a delay in delivery, but get em while they are hot…

No big surprise that a fully functioning 3D printer for $475 (or with $465 without 3D printed components needed) that eMaker made available through crowdfunding site IndieGoGo has sold out their first batch of 150 with 16 days still to go and exceeded their goal of $30,000 by raising $75,545….

The eMAKER Huxley 3D printer is a Replicating Rapid prototyping machine, or RepRap for short. It is derived from the open source RepRap project which was started at Bath University, UK.

Machine specifications:
- Build volume: 140x140x110mm
- Overall size: 260x280x280mm
- Printing materials: ABS, PLA
- Build surface: Milled Aluminium, heated.
- Resolution: 0.0125mm
- Speed: 12000mm/min
- Deposition rate: 33cm3 / hr
- Motion: Linear bearings on X and Y axes, Igus low friction bushings on Z axis.

Congratulations to the team at eMaker and the 150 lucky people who have scored themselves a 3D printer for under $500.

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  1. Glenn Slingsby

    The future gets closer every day… :)

    Shapeways: Does the PLA material it prints have a comparable one in your line-up? (I’m afraid PLA means nothing to me)

    1. Mitchell Jetten

      it’s printed on the same way white detail does?
      but without support material?

      not sure though!

    2. duann scott

      PLA is Polylactic acid

      is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch (in the United States), tapioca products (roots, chips or starch mostly in Asia) or sugarcanes (in the rest of world). It can biodegrade under certain conditions, such as the presence of oxygen, and is difficult to recycle.

    3. Glenn Slingsby

      Thanks, Duann. It degrades in the presence of oxygen, eh? So, not good to make a house out of? :)

  2. Jean-Marc Giacalone

    Thank you for posting about our 3D printer kits we have available on indiegogo.


    This is a limited time offer. Kits are being offered at a discount before they go on public release later this year.

    1. Raoul Menzel

      would like to buy , but how to proceed?. Webpage on indiegogo seems not to accept new entries :-( for round 2

  3. isaac

    I need something bigger for larger prints. Any ideas?

  4. Isaac

    Thanks Sandy…. I appreciate it

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