Shapeways on Dutch National TV News

Last Saturday Marleen, Stijn (Virtox) and I spent the better part of our day with a television crew of RTL4 Nieuws, a major Dutch news show. Stijn is the star of the item – he explains how he uses Shapeways and how he can now create objects that would have taken his grandfather months to make, and Marleen looks to the future and how the recent investment will allow Shapeways to grow. I’ll make an appearance next to one of our printers, trying to explain what 3D printing really is.

The item was broadcast in the 7.30pm evening news and you can watch it online (it’s in Dutch, of course).


  1. filip

    ! It starts with an advertisment for an interim work company.

  2. Joachim van Brakel

    if I may ask, the grey thingy held in your hand in the picture above, whose / which design is it?

    1. KevinN

      Joachim, you can find/buy the model here>>>>

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