Material sample kits are being shipped

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The first Materials Sample Kits are (being) shipped!!

Because of the overwhelming success we had to produce multiple batches so if yours is not yet underway (if you haven’t gotten a e-mail notification yet) this will be fixed as soon as we get the new batches in the coming weeks. We are doing our best to get them all out as soon as possible.

Somethings for your info:

  • The sample kits will not be shipped via UPS so you will not receive a track and trace number. We are sending via priority mail.
  • You will receive a e-mail notification as soon as it is being shipped

Once you have your sample kit, feel free to let us know what you think of it. 

We hope it helps you with your design projects.


  1. Mitchell Jetten

    ahww :O i see blue (A) i’ve got a black one :P

    1. Tony

      Anyone in the UK received one of these elusive items ? I placed an order for one on the 12th of August and still have not received it.

    2. chris bense

      jup, recieved it 2 days ago

    3. Tony Elms

      If you don’t mind me asking, when did you order it ?

    4. chris bense

      minutes after it got made available

  2. Peter Zich

    Awesome, I need to get back into 3D printing and this will definitely help select materials.

  3. chris bense

    Recieved mine :) really nice reference, especially for clients and people interested in 3d printing.
    It’s very nice that the entire thing is printed, this way they can immediately see an applied use for it.

    1. chris bense

      actually, i have a question:

      Were the detail materials for the sample kit printed at the highest detail, or at the faster detail level to speed up the distribution of the sample kits?

      Are the detail materials still offered at their highest detail? I asked somewhere before, but forgot :(



    2. Luuk Willems

      Hi Chris

      The detail parts of the sample kit are printed in high quality. Also normal detail orders will be delivered in high quality. We will continue offering high quality.


  4. Jesse Donaldson

    Great sample kit — It’s so nice to see actual examples of the materials!
    I was slightly disappointed to see that glass wasn’t included, but I’m still very happy with it.

    Also, I noticed that the description for glass in the materials booklet says “Recycled glass glued with an organic binder”, but then the materials page on the website says it’s laser sintered and fired in a kiln. Not sure which is correct, but I thought you might want to get it straightened out.

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