Open Source Success

Congratulations to Improbablecog whose Kickstarter project has already reached 101% funding with 7 days still left to go. This is a win win win win situation where:

The backers get a little something from Improbablecog, depending on their level of investment from a sticker to a custom designed piece of jewelry. 

Noah gets an influx of cash, gets his name out there for an innovative approach to the business of design and is freed up to produce more cool designs. 

Three of his most popular designs are set free, for everyone to modify, mash up, resell, print by the one or by the dozen, or insert into their game, movie, or art.

Shapeways can now 3D print three of  Improbablecog’s designs for the cost of material only….

Of course you can still invest to support the cause and set the designs free(er)


  1. Aaron Trocola

    Noah has hit on a great idea there. The designs are excellent!

  2. Noah Beasley

    Thanks for the congrats Duann!

    Just a bit of additional info on the process from here.
    The models are not yet available to print at cost. Since backers can cancel donations up until the end of the month, I will have to wait for the official confirmation of success from Kickstarter before proceeding. As that should happen the 31st, I will probably get the models up for at cost printing on the 1st of September. Note that this gives you a month left to order them in the summer plastics if you want :)

    Also, any additional funding from this point on will go to release extra models! For every $500 (rounded to the nearest 500) I will be opening another model up under the same terms. This way everyone gets something for the extra funding, instead of it just being a benefit to myself :)

  3. Shapeways Blog

    You are all now well aware of Noah Improbablecog Beasley’s Open Source Jewelry project on Kickstarter, and you may know of Thingiverse, where Makerbot(ers) share there files to be extruded from hot gooey plastic, you may even know of Content Central, wh

  4. Shapeways Blog

    In a post in back in January 2009 on the Shapeways blog, Joris discussed some implications of intellectual property rights for the Shapeways community via I Love Threadless & IP Rights. Now that more models are being made available to download by th

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