Website Update: ‘Multiple Shell Merge’ and other fixes

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We just released the ‘Multiple Shell Merge’ feature. It was announced on our blog earlier and it should save you some money. It took some time to iron out the last wrinkles, but we’re happy with the results now. There’s just one catch: it doesn’t work for color (i.e.: VRML2) models yet, but we’re working on that.

Two other interesting features after the link!

“Add all materials” action to material restrictions function

An ‘add all material’ link for the restriction list on the product details page is added. You can now put all materials on the restriction list with the new link and click on the trashcan to add a material for his product. We hope this new link will make it easier to handle our growing offer of materials.

Model Volume

Only for your own objects: the model volume is displayed in the Model Info bar.

As an interesting side-note: the latter two features were requested during the Shapeways Live webcast of July 21st. During each webcast, we try and pick out one or two features that we can implement quickly. If you’d like to suggest one, just attend! The next webcast is scheduled for August 18th.

For a complete overview of this week’s update, check out Arno’s post on the forum.


  1. jacobvalenta

    Thanks for adding that model volume ;)

  2. chris bense

    does this mean that if we upload a model using VRML2 it’ll use the old calculation?
    What about when there’s no exit hole in the model?

    1. Bart Veldhuizen

      That’s correct – VRML2 files are still processed using the old software. That is: overlapping volumes aren’t removed and you don’t need an exit hole yet.


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