New packaging!

For the coming two months we are testing our new packaging.  From now on all the products will come in a special packaging.



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Rings and earrings will be attached to a card.  Find a sample on the picture below. No extra costs are involved. We hope you will like it. It’s still in an experimental phase so all your suggestions are welcome!  We are looking forward to your comments!

If you are a Shopowner and should you want us to go that extra step, we are currently offering to add earring hooks and necklaces (free of charge) to your products.  Interested, more info in our combinatory manufacturing blog post.


  1. Stijn van der Linden

    I love It ! It’s a wonderful finishing touch !
    Excellent work !
    Got one of these new packagings last week, looks very professional !

    It was the Morse ring from the contest, I haven’t even dared opening it yet, it is worth more to me still in its original packaging :-)

    Btw, why not promote the combinatory manufacturing gallery some more ?

    Can’t seem to find links to it anywhere except a mention in the comments on that original announcement.
    (And yes, I will do my best to promote it myself also :-) )

  2. fx2

    I received my Key holder free print from the contest, and yes, this new packaging looks great ! After two days, I finally dared to open it ;-)

  3. Robert Carlsen

    the new packaging is wonderful. I notice that the necklace shown on this page is a
    Combinatory manufacturing piece with the neck piece attached via a split-ring. This is not an option according to the guidelines. I think it’s a much better choice than making an attachment point with a 3.5mm hole….that’s just too big for many necklaces. I hope you’ll consider offering this instead, or also.

    1. Peter Paul Cornelissen

      Good point.
      As this is a test run I’ll definitely note it down for consideration.

      The point is that some time it can be hard to know where to attach the necklace.

  4. T. Shawn Johnson

    I really like this packaging. It looks slick!!

    Will there be a point in the future whereby shop owners can design their own graphics for your packaging on their products? That would be so eternally cool.

    I would even be willing to pay a monthly fee for this service or pay a fee to have X number of these printed with my logo for your packaging inventory.


    1. Peter Paul Cornelissen

      Hi Whystler,

      Good point… nice feedback also on the live-cast just now.
      We have been looking at this and yes this would be “Uber cool”

      More people interested in co-branded packaging?

    2. Noah Beasley

      I would definitely like to see co-branded or custom packaging. The main reason that I avoided selling through the Shapeways store for a long time was the inability to include a nice package for my work.
      That said, the new packaging is a great step in the right direction :)

    3. D-man


      I received some of these new packaging last week, and first thing I though was : “Wow, new packaging ! Nice !”
      And then, just in the next minute I had the same idea as Whystler : “It would be great if we could custom these packaging with our shop logo !”

    4. Michiel Cornelissen

      A bit late, but as you know yes, very very very interested in custom designed packaging. Even a blank packaging (well, alright, with a 9 point ‘powered by Shapeways’ logo in the lower right corner :) ) could be interesting.

  5. Michael Williams

    I got mine (second image) the day I left for vacation. I loved it. Was definitely a welcomed surprise to have the ring and necklace added to my pendent.

  6. rogermaggie13

    Hi can you tell me what sort of packaging the ceramic products come in? thanks

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