Inspiration: Market insights

As you can imagine we (here at Shapeways) meet many very
interesting people, visit fun and inspiring events, view lots of different
websites…..and in doing so gain a lot of market insight.

Many of them we use us to improve our product and services
but many of them are more relevant for you as product designers.

As you help us by offering many great designers in you shops
we want to help you by sharing these insights and ideas for you to use in your

I’ll be doing this more frequently if you guys like it…..

The first insight is this:

We get many requests from customers that they would love to
be able to order our Ringpoem as a ring or bracelet.

We will leave our Ringpoem Creator for the napkins so if you
are interested, design a beautiful ring and / or bracelet and offer it on the
Co-Creator Platform.

Once we have some good designs we will feature them from our


Some tips:

- Might be good to offer them in the different materials …. Summer

- Keep the wall thickness in mind especially for the metals
and Alumide

-Offer it via the Co-Creator Platform 
so people have ordered the model before you start doing the customization work

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  1. Glenn Slingsby

    Absolutely I want to hear more about these “insights” you gain when meeting new people who tell you what they would like to see on Shapeways…


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