Our new summer colors

A few weeks ago we asked you to vote on our new summer colors. Here are your choices. The colors are Summer Blue, Summer Green and Summer Magenta. They will have a start up cost of $4 and cost an additional $1.99 per cubic centimeter. We will offer these colors until the end of August. What do you guys think of the colors? Michiel Cornelissen’s Happy Bird looks quite fetching in Magenta I think and Baroba’s Bunnies are always adorable. 


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  1. Dizingof

    Absolutely beautiful !
    My “Tiny USB charger” for iPhone will look awesome in these 3 summer colors!

  2. Kenny Mitchell

    I’ve just ordered a set of guitar volume & tone knobs that I made, all in the red colour to better match my guitar. It will be interesting to see how they come out.

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