Discount on Blank Label for Shapeways Community Members

Blank Label is a great start up specializing in customized dress shirts. On their site you can choose a fabric, cuff style, choose lots of colors, you can add your initials, choose what kind of buttons you want, enter your height and weight etc. etc. Their customization tool is great and we loved the combination between their shirts and our customized cuff links. So if you go over to Blank Label to get your very own customized unique shirt made just for you, type in the promotion code: shapeways and you can get a 15% discount here.
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    1. Robert Bell’s objective is to offer you a quality custom hand tailored shirt to your measurements and your designs that is affordable and painless to order.

  1. Fortuner

    I happen to end up in Blank Label as I was surfing the net one time. I thought to myself that it was extremely convenient and ordered some dress shirts from them. They looked really nice and I was very satisfied with what I got. They actually fit my unsexy body. ha ha ha I will order more. Thanks Blank Label

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