Order in Alumide before it is too late

You have until the 14th to order your models in Alumide. We were very happy with your enthusiasm for the material! However we have sad news, we can not offer the material permanently at this moment. At a later date we want to bring it back though but we can not yet say when. The reason for that is that we have been able to consistently fill an entire machine with the Alumide material orders. The turnaround time between White, Strong & Flexible and Alumide is also a bit longer than we would have liked. This means that the machine we have been using for Alumide would be better served in pushing your White, Strong & Flexible orders out the door quicker. In order to keep offering the lowest possible prices optimal machine utilization is very important to us. We have already started looking at lots of different ways in which we can optmize the Alumide production and we hope that we will be able to offer it once again in a few months. 


  1. Marcus Shaw

    If I understand, you use the same machine for both materials and one of the most critical factors is switching materials. How about a alumide-que? Once ot twice a month piled up orders with alumide will be printed, and the machine serves for that purpouse these days. The rest of the month, it will be used for wsf. If there are too many orders piling up, then regulate by pricing… and put it in a alumide piggybank for a dedicated machine ;-)

    It might not comply with the 10-day-to-your-door policy but at least it would be possible to print alumide parts if neccesary. Just an idea, as I have no clue if that would be possivle.

    1. Ivo Beckers

      I like your idea Marcus! Please stick with Alumide, even if the turnaround is longer than the other materials.

    2. Joris Peels

      Marcus & Ivo,

      Good idea, I will ask if something like this is possible. Generally though we are complexity adverse. Even something such as this would make our ordering and fulfillment process much more complex and this is expensive and expensive is not what we want. But, I will see if this can be done.

    3. Marcus Shaw

      Thank you for considering it. It was just an idea, and I understand that it makes the ordering more complex… But if Alumide could return on a regular basis, that would be awesomly awesome ;-)

    4. Jose Romero

      Another way could be to simply allow ordering during the period you decide to devote the machine to alumide and close it during the rest of the month, that way you can still technically comply with the 10 days policy. ;-)

    5. Peter Weijmarshausen


      good idea, this is exactly what we are considering. We could do the first week of the month every month until the demand get’s so big we can dedicate a machine. In this way we can still keep our order process simple and you guys now when you can expect Alumide to be available.


  2. Marcus Shaw

    Speaking of ordering before it is too late:
    I hope “until the 14th” means that we have today as well?
    I am working like crazzy to get stuff done for alumide printing, and its almost 5am here now.
    A few of the things I want to print in alumide is Han Solo in Carbonite, a car emblem replacement, lost shoe decoration replacement, a logo for a quadrocopter company and some other stuff… Even though the models are all done now, I need to get some rest and throw the order together in a few hours…

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Marcus,

      yep it includes today. Good luck with getting things ready.


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