Shapeways now has versioning

This will be good news for all the modelers & designers on Shapeways. We have just released what is probably our most requested feature ever. We call it versioning  and it will make your world a happier place. 

If you look at one of your own models you can now see the “update model” button beneath it. If you click on that model you can upload a new file to replace the existing one. The new file will have the same URL as the previous one and all your comments, ratings, description etc. will be kept.

In this way incremental improvements to a model & design iterations can be kept with minimal hassle for the community member. Have fun trying it out. The line to help build a momument to Arno and his coder buddies starts to my right.


  1. Stijn van der Linden

    Very cool guys ! Thanks !
    Just updated a model !
    Now it says :
    Version: 1
    Last file upload: 21 Jan 2010
    Original upload: 21 Jan 2010

    Version 2 would be my preference for the first update ;-)
    And is it possible to at least show the original image/pictogram of the model ?
    Otherwise, it seems very susceptible to tampering and/or abuse..

  2. Rob Parthoens


    This will make my life a lot easier :)
    Many many times I had to delete my objects to upload a new version and finally that is over :)

    Thanks again :)


  3. David Drummond

    You just made my day! Thanks!

  4. Evanstaul

    Great update, only one thing could you put the name of the model being updated. The title just says “Update”. If you are updating many models it would help.

  5. mendel

    Yes! Thanks this is a great feature, it helps organizing the models a little bit better!

  6. Cathal Garvey

    Fantastic! I can update Dremelfuge and keep the comments/ratings!
    This saves me a lot of headaches, thanks.

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