12 beautiful things made with 3D printing on Shapeways

I was looking through the Shapeways Gallery and was once again amazed at all the awesome things people are making. So I made a little list of 12 beautiful things that you guys made with Shapeways over the past few weeks. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, was just what I happened to bump into in the gallery. Sorry if I did not include your model. And yes, the last item is a Blender logo 3D printed in steel. 


  1. Neil Almond

    you missed the amazing stuff Whystler’s done

  2. David Drummond

    The beauty of such lists is their brevity. We all live in Whystler’s shadow here; I’ll bet he doesn’t mind. Instead of feeling bad, why not just make this an ongoing feature? 12 Beautiful New Things (December)…12 Useful Things…12 Cool Things….12 Frequently Printed Things…

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