And the winners of the Faces contest are…

In third place with a wonderfully creative Escheresque Face peeling by BAROBA. We loved the concept behind the model and think it would look great as a 3D print, this is 3D printing meets art.

In second place is Airbender Monk by Blendroid. This was a very expressive face and the bust almost feels like it could come alive.

In first place: King Polygon bust by mendelheit. This model was a great 3D printing bust, using familiar concepts such as a polygon lattice in an unfamiliar way as a structure for the bust and back of the head. Congratulations to our top 3 on winning!! And a special congratulations to Mendelheit for his $300 in 3D printing!


  1. Mitchell


    yesyes, nobody could have beaten Mendelheit, this is really a beautifull piece of artwork!
    what program did you use?

    you really should print this artwork!

  2. CrazyDay

    Am I the only one looking at the winner of this contest and thinking, *”WHAT?!?!”* How exactly did this piece win? Blendroid and Eriks Studio had the best entries by far. Exactly what was the criterion for judging?


  3. okapi

    Le troisième me rappelle M.C. ESCHER… ;-)

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