Reduced Lead time for Raw and Polished Silver

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Surpassing Superman in being faster than a speeding bullet, Raw Silver and Polished Silver are now shipping to the US and Canada quicker than ever before—leaving our factory in just 10 business days! Brightening the world one 3D printed product at a time.

Now’s a great time to show off your 21st-century blacksmith skills, or
order something shiny. If you’re trying it out for the first time, don’t
forget to share with us on “It Arrived!“, we love seeing all the shiny things.

Dodecufflinks by JoseAB

Mind Wheel Pendant by farbo

Trinity Celtic Knot Ring by JPdimensions


  1. Singiri.C.Viswanath

    Really Excited to see in Silver 3D Prints.
    Thank you for your Mail.

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