3DP Resolutions: 3D Print your First Product on Shapeways in 10 Minutes or Less Using our Creators

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Have you been pondering 3D modeling something but afraid to take the plunge? Unsure of where to start or what programs to use? 

If you answered yes, then you’re exactly where I was a few weeks ago.

Before joining the amazing team here at Shapeways, I worked in conventional hardware product design. There were dedicated designers and engineers who created the CAD files for the products we collectively contributed to through sketches, mood boards and user experience testing. Being well-versed in the product design cycle without possessing the skills to actually translate my ideas into tangible products, (beyond a sewing machine for soft-goods at home) I began to feel sheepish.

I had resolved to model my first product before the end of 2013. November 29th found me with no model to call my own; so I frantically went to our creator page full of awesome apps and started playing with the Sake Set Creator.

A few minutes later (seriously) I had “modeled” my first vase. It was so easy! My goal was to create something worthy of gifting to my boyfriend’s mother, whom I had yet to meet in person… No pressure, right? I interrogated him on her design aesthetic, favorite colors, organic versus rigid shape preferences, the same way I would have a client back at my old design firm. After a few iterations, I placed the order for my first 3D modeled product. 

Three weeks later, my vase arrived. I giddily opened the Shapeways box with glee and amazement, and held my first self-designed 3D Print in my hand. It was a moment I’ll never forget – pure magic! The feeling of, “I designed this on my computer and now it’s REAL, beautiful (IMO) and worthy of giving to another human being” is priceless and inspiring. 

In short: Give the Sake Set Creator a try!It’s not just for sake, you can design espresso cups, vases, glasses, mugs or anything else you can imagine with it. There’s no reason not to model your first product today, you could have a printable model in less than 10 minutes, and be well on your way to achieving your #3DP2014 resolution!

The best part was, my boyfriend’s mom absolutely loved the vase! Even more so when I showed her the design file that had translated into her gift. She was even kind enough to take some great photos for my Shapeways Shop.

I know how I’ll be spending the next few nights bunkered in hiding from the polar vortex… 
Now… what are you waiting for? 


  1. James William Kincaid

    Oh! So you used the Sake Set Creator! I had forgotten about that one. :)

    I’m trying to make a couple of easy getting started with DesignSpark Mechanical tutorial videos, but making a tutorial video is hard to do I found out! HAHA! :D Cuz, I’m too much of a perfectionist. :p I’m currently looking for good video editing software so I can do editing and make myself look good. hehe *rolls eyes*

  2. James William Kincaid

    Oh! So you used the Sake Set Creator! I didn’t think of that one. :D

    I’ve been working on creating some beginner tutorial videos for DesignSpark Mechanical, but I found out that making tutorial videos is very difficult to do for a pathological perfectionist like myself! :p

    Consequently, I’m currently looking into acquiring video editing software so I can make edits and make myself look good. hehe *rolls eyes*

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