Maker Faire contest winner!

We had a tough time deciding the winners but after taking your votes and looking at the designs we chose Thehumanhive‘s (David Bush) Gear Heart as the winner.

In second place is Jettuh‘s (Mitchell Jetten) Shapeways bike

In third place is Bulatov‘s (Vladimir Bulatov) TS Ball II (be sure to read the description!)

We will print out all three models and proudly display them at Maker Faire in California. Afterwards we will send the designers their models. David aditionally gets $300 in 3D printing! Congratulations all round.  


  1. Mitchell Jetten

    Thats a deserved first place for David!
    would love to see it working :D

  2. T. Shawn Johnson

    Yay to all the winners, and a big Woohoo to David’s first place! That third place model is beautiful, and whaddyuh know Jettuh .. you hummed and hawed and cringed and wondered and tore out your hair to come up with a model that was “Wow” and you did it for second place!!!! :)


  3. David Bush

    Thank you, everyone! And, congratulations to Mitchell and Vladimir! :D
    I can’t wait to hear about the reception Shapeways receives at this year’s Maker’s Faire. It’s going to be great.

    Now… I’d better get to work. I owe you guys some instructions on how to put this thing together. :P

  4. Walter Sharrow

    So this wasn’t a contest based on skill, but more on popularity? That’s unfortunate.

    1. Joris

      Walter, all our contests are based on skill, the design and the brief. Judging contests sucks really because you do know a lot of people personally but you have to remain impartial and choose the best model. But, we do take our duty very seriously.

  5. Mitchell Jetten

    Hi Joris!

    just a small question, when will the winners receive their model?


    1. Joris


      It will take a few more days yet we had to re-print your and the other models since your bike and Bulatov’s model broke in transit and the Gear Heart got dirty because kids were playing with stamps and the gear heart(a rather bad idea in retrospect).

    2. Mitchell

      Ah ok, i’m sorry, i’ll be waiting some longer :D

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