Our new prices – how do they work?

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As we’ve stopped using our pre-beta discount today, I thought I should explain how our pricing works. I’ll also give some samples of objects and their price and finish with a few hints on reducing printing costs.

Our prices

Our price is completely based on the volume of your printed object. Apart from the material price, there are no other fees: no
shipping&handling, no additional taxes – nothing. There are no
hidden surprises once you start ordering something. We list them in dollars per cubic centimeter (1 cubic inch = 16.3 cubic centimeters):

Inside the European Union Outside the European Union
Cream Robust $2.98/cm3 $2.50/cm3
White Detail $3.44/cm3 $2.89/cm3
Transparent Detail $3.30/cm3 $2.77/cm3

(the price difference is the tax that we have to charge inside the European Union)

Information on the material properties and sample photographs are available on the Material Properties page.

To cover our shipping&handling fee, we’re now using a minimum order size of $25. You can still order small objects though: we’ve upgraded our shop so you can now print multiple objects in one order (of different materials, too!).


To get a sense of what this means for some real objects, check out these samples:

Cream Robust
Size:6.4 x 6 x 5.2 cm
White Detail
Size:6.4 x 6 x 5.2 cm
Cream Robust
Size:4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5cm (hollow!)

Reducing printing cost

If you want to reduce the price of your object, you have two options:

Reduce the size. If you reduce the size by half, the volume (and therefore the price) will be only one eighth. Reducing the object’s size is a great way to quickly reduce the price, but watch out : if you scale the objects too much you may loose the fine detail.

Make the object hollow. Using less material results in a lower price. In order for this to work, you must leave a few holes in your object so the support material can be washed out. Try making at least two holes of at least 4 mm.


  1. Open the Future

    Whenever I talk about the rise of low-cost 3D fabrication, one inevitable question (after the “how expensive is a printer?”) is “does anyone do print-on-demand fabbing?” As of real soon now, the answer will be yes. Shapeways is a new…

  2. AlexRamallo

    Are hollow objects very fragile?

  3. Paul

    This post is a top Google result for Shapeways pricing searches, but it is very much out of date. It shows higher prices than you actually have. You should probably consider removing or updating this post.

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