Shapeways + MoMA Education

Hey there. I’m Lauren and I recently joined the Shapeways team to evangelize on education. We have a bunch of exciting stuff coming down the line for designers, educators, professionals and amateurs. Here on the blog we will occasionally be highlighting 3D printing education projects we think are cool.

MoMA Teens + Shapeways

This summer Shapeways hosted a tour of our Long Island City factory for the MoMA Teens In The Making summer program CLICK@MoMA: 3D Printers and Artistic Hacking, a collaboration with MoMA and Eyebeam Art+Technology Center. The 19 students got to see and make some really cool stuff and Shapeways helped make their designs a reality. The students were challenge to “hack” their favorite piece in the museum’s collection. Their work is on view in the MoMA Education Center until Thursday, September 19th.

MoMA Teens + Shapeways

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  1. James William Kincaid

    Hi Lauren!
    I think you’re really gonna like Shapeways from what I’ve seen looking in from the outside over the years. :D

  2. Aaron Trocola

    Welcome, Lauren! Education is a subject near and dear to me, as I have been serving aspiring NYC (and occasionally LA and SF) shapers monthly for the past two years as part of the Skillshare School of Shapeways, in addition to pitching in on the forums and teaching Industrial Design at a University (SASD). I have lots of great ideas about how we can help more people get comfortable pursuing their projects, and until now the only barrier has been getting the word out. I am delighted to hear your joining the team, and would love to chat with you about expanding the school, especially with online classes.

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