Moving part contest winner!

And the winner of our Moving Part contest is….Jdavidbush with his excellent Roll Back Racer. He wins $300 in 3D printing and our applause. You can see the little car in action on the forum.

In second place is Frankbuss with his Balance Weighing Scale.

third place is Whystler with his Orrerey. This by the way is a, “full
functional model of the 4 terrestrial planets: mercury, venus,
earth, and mars. Ideal for planning your next interplanetary voyage on
your star-galleon, the planets can be moved to show their orbital
placement around the sun.”

Once again the contestants really raised the bar for 3D printing and what is possible with 3D printing. The other entrants to the contest were also all excellent and you should definitely check them out. Not a lot of moving 3D printed parts have ever been designed or made apart from basic hinges and things. And here we can see that a community of talented individuals can create wonderful things. We really think that this is the future and hope that through this contest everyone got a glimpse of that future.


  1. Rob Mack

    Congratulations jdavidbush, a killer entry! And congrats to frankbuss and whystler for stunners as well

  2. Rob Parthoens

    Congrats to the winners :)

  3. T. Shawn Johnson

    Congrats to both the first and seconders! I gave both a full mark vote! They deserved it.


  4. David Bush

    Thank you, everyone! :)
    (Now, let’s see if I can’t get the last few wrinkles ironed out and make it available to everyone.)

  5. David Bush

    There were a lot of fantastic entries in this contest. Great Job to everyone who participated. I’m very excited about the quality of these models and can’t wait to see what you all create in the future.

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