New Zealand Based Designer’s XYZ Shoe Mixes 3D Printing & Traditional Materials

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New Zealand based designer and Shapeways user Earl Stewart has designed the XYZ Shoe using a combination of 3D Printed Nylon and traditional shoe making materials such as leather and laces.

Shapeways 3D Print Shoe XYZ

We have seen a number of 3D printed shoes hit the runway along with a few prototype sports shoes from Nike and New Balance but these are the first to use 3D printing in a more traditional, wearable style, and for men.

Our new Elasto Plastic may be the perfect material to usher in a new range of 3D printed and/or partially 3D printed shoes into the market.

Check out Earl’s impressive portfolio featuring additional 3D printed footwear experiments and more.

Shapeways 3D Print Shoe XYZ

Shapeways 3D Print Shoe XYZ

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  1. Alex Newman

    given the material i’m aways skeptical about tangible products, but the designe and look is quite sound.

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