Valentines Day contest winner

And the winner of our Valentines Day modeling Contest is Daddymack with Infinite Love Trinity.  In second place is ReedCSY with Celtic Heart Pendant.  In third place is Daddymack again with Infinite Love. We saw a lot of great entries once more for this contest.You guys chose Daddymack as the most inspiring Valentine’s worthy gift and so he wins $300 in 3D printing! Congrats to Daddymack and thank you so much to everyone for entering and voting! P.s., I also loved Gr8dsn‘s Picture Holder and drakedrake‘s Heart Earrings.


    1. T. Shawn Johnson

      I have noticed a change in the rating the system. It used to be that the item with the most votes within a star category came out first, regardless of the average score. It seems that this is not so anymore. I can only guess that now it is actually the highest score, which is just fine too.

      I will also guess that the difference that you are noticing between the winners of the contest, and the current rating line-up is directly related to the difference between the old rating system and the currently shown rating system.

      Shapeways staff were very clear that they would rely on the ratings system to choose the winner, and I believe them. Why should we not? A paranoid mind perhaps? *giggle*

      In all seriousness, I have only known Shapeways staff to be genuinely honest. I assume you are not yet a member of this exciting little community, since you posted anonymously. So, take my advice and give them the benefit of the doubt.


    2. Anonymous

      I worked hard on an entry too. I could have had a lot of my friends rate my entry, but I chose not to do that in fairness. The website has a story about one of the members that has entries in the contest – that member’s entries could create a lot of money for the site. Why not just say that shapeways will choose the winner? No conflicts and shapeways wouldn’t have to worry about anything, or they could say that the winner was the one that had the most purchases. Poorly handled, but hopefully they will improve on an already cool service.

    3. Anonymous

      Why is it that on the home page “latest produced objects” and “best new designs” shows old stuff, and “printed models by our community” shows renderings and no actual printed models? FAIL

    4. Anja Johansson

      Somebody mad? :) Congratulations to daddymack!! In all honesty I don’t think I voted for his model, although I’m a big fan of his other work. I was voting more on stuff that wasn’t so mathematical. Only because I’m getting bored with TopMod myself. :D Nevertheless, everyone can see that the daddymack piece got a lot of great votes and frankly, I think that even IF Shapeways had choices subjectively, it’s THEIR choice. Who cares?? You entered the contest just to get the money? Well, go get a job next time. No offence, it’s just so very, very petty. And the contest WAS fair. This isn’t a presidential election. We’re not going to do a revote!!! :)

    5. Anonymous

      *There seems to be to be a _serious_ problem with these contests. They are obviously fixed. This has happened in every contest. _So NOT COOL._ 3D printing will soon be as common as laser printing, and this “outfit” is just in it for a _quick profit._ CAVEAT EMPTOR*

  1. T. Shawn Johnson

    Congrats to the winners!!


  2. Rob Mack

    lol @ Anonymous bitterness

    :beer: Whystler

    Thanks for the votes guys, believe it or not I spent a little over 15 hrs designing and perfecting the winning piece. There were many technical obstacles to overcome and I had sooo many different failed approaches. For me it was all about the challenge of designing for this emerging technology… I genuinely appreciate your recognition of the Trinity piece as it was my hardest challenge to date. Thanks again to the shapeways team for firing my synapses up and for pioneering this uncharted medium

    1. Anonymous

      :beer: *giggle* :beer: *giggle* :beer: *giggle*

      A fixed contest _IS_ hilarious!!!

  3. Reed Casey

    Congrats daddymack, I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with the credits!

    I’m not disputing anything, however I am a little confused…when I order the entries in the Vday gallery by “rating” then it looks like Cignoni should have won – And based on this I expecting to place 5th.

    I’m still unclear about what exactly the “overall” rating stipulates. A little clarity on the rules would be appreciated. I look forward to participating in the next contest.

  4. Anonymous

    Aaah I see what the fuss is about…

    I was merely searching the standard gallery with the word ‘valentinegift’ then seeing the winning order as it stands above… I see in the valentines gallery page that the order appears different too. Dunno guys.

    And Reed thanks.. I am designing more stack now;-)

    1. Rob Mack

      oops that last anon was me… sorry

    2. joris

      I’m sorry about the confusion with the ratings.

      What happens is:

      In the overall gallery or when searching in the main gallery or when sorting in any gallery the search functionality has been modified so that other factors such as date posted, model name and name have an influence on the way the results are displayed. This was done to get better search results but now we realize that it can be confusing. Since when sorting according to rating it does not mean that the highest rated model is displayed first.

      Because of this: for contest we check in the back-end to see exactly what the numbers are. We will also be overhauling the ratings system so that it gives people a more accurate reflection of what is going on in the back end to the people viewing the various sorting mechanisms in the front end.

      I’m sorry that even one person could feel that perhaps we are being unfair in any way. We want our contests to be fair and an accurate reflection of what is going on: of what the best model is, nothing more. Any impropriety or favoritism will only harm our long term goals of making our contest a beacon for attracting modeling talent and the best designs.

    3. Anonymous

      Hmm.. “back-end,” “front end,” “date posted, model name and name have an influence,” ya sounds fair.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe you didn’t have a price that was short-term profitable enough for shapeways?

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