Bouncing White, Strong & Flexible

We get a lot of questions about the material properties of our 3D printed models and the materials themselves. Because of this Bart and I made a little movie showing you how strong and above all how bouncy our material White, Strong & Flexible is. You should be able to get a good idea from the video. One thing to keep in mind: the strength and robustness of your model also depends a lot on your design. 


  1. bvicarious

    I like the music in this. Excellent work!

  2. Joris

    Crazy song right? Bart found itt and ended up kind of making the whole video kkind of keystone cops-ish because of it.

    1. Rolf Venema

      technicaly it is a bad movie: filmed against the light. and the spoken words are difficult to understand. so bring the quality of this movie in line with the quality of your products.

    2. Joris

      We will use a mike next time and try to make it clearer. thanx for the feedback.


  3. bvicarious

    It certainly set the mood. I wonder what The Godfather would be like if the score was replaced with this music.

    1. Joris Peels

      I think the toll both scene where Sonny gets ambushed would have been much much funnier.

  4. Peter Zich

    I am amazed how bouncy and especially how strong the models are. You are really thowing that to the ground hard at the end! Time to design a ball…

  5. baSup

    Wat zei die ? en wat was ie aan het bounchen ?
    de cameraman die kon ik wel verstaan :-)
    alles kan kapot ghe ghe ghe

  6. roofoo

    So what happened at the end? Did the ball break?

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