Silver colored Ring Poems

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We have a special deal for you. If you order a Ring Poem before the 9th of December we will paint it silver for you, for free. Simply select ‘silver’ in the Creator when making your own Ring Poem. Ring Poems cost between $8-10 depending on the font and amount of text you use in making your own personal message. We’re curious to see how many people like us painting and coloring their models and this is a bit of a test to see if you guys would like this and of course to see how many people would like some original silver napkin rings for Christmas.   

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  1. kevin

    I totally would except I don’t hve napkins. Almost ordered it thinking they were finger rings =) THAT would be pretty great.

  2. m v

    Well eggs would fit. Or maybe a certificate or diploma. Just let the ideas flow!! :)

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