Shapeways Christmas contest!

Christmas is coming

Can you design the most christmassy model:
perhaps an ornament to go in a tree, a 3D printed stocking, a
personal touch for your living room, anything really, as long as it
brings Christmas cheer.

To participate, upload a model and add
the tag christmas to it.

The winner will win:

The song White Christmas by Bing Crosby
from Itunes.

Set of 20 Folding Gift Boxes!!!

Christmas Carol (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

Bucket Snow in Seconds


$250 in 3D printing!

Submission deadline: 30th of November, Winner announced 1st of December. Some have asked so we shall give: Shapeways staff will judge this contest. The winner will be determined to be: that model that can give the most Christmas cheer to the most people.

Image credit: Creative Commons: Attribution, Fabio Luiz Santos.  


  1. Ethan Parker

    Any real limitations? i mean how about somthing along the lines of the McFarlane Twisted Christmas figurines?
    or should we stick to more traditional designs?
    (incase some people are still wondering, yes, i have a twisted sense of humor just look at Pooky in the gallery)

  2. Peter Weijmarshausen

    Try and keep things a bit civilized :-)
    Really looking forward to some nice models we can 3D print for the Christmas days.

  3. Shapeways Blog

    "Does your character have character?" Heck yeah! Ranking this contest was awesome as we had an great collection of wonky, cutesy, scary, artistic and simply strange models – we’ve saved the contest gallery, check it out!In the end it was a ver

  4. Shapeways Blog

    I don’t know about you, but here at Shapeways we’re starting to get into the holiday season spirit.And it looks like we’re not the only ones – community designs for our Christmas Contest are already starting to come in (there are 11 days left to submit

  5. AbcAbcwebd


    So these may seem like obvious questions, but I’m not sure.

    1. Can you enter more than one model?
    2. How do you enter, do you just upload a model, and let the judges go through the gallery?
    3. Can you wait and get it printed after DEC. 1?

    1. joris

      1. yes, you can enter more than one model.
      2. Just upload the model and add the tag christmas to it.
      3. I’m not sure what you mean by this question?

      Kind regards,


    2. AbcAbcwebd


      And I figured out #3.

  6. rob parthoens

    A few more models were added to the gallery but not to the contest?
    Can you add them still?

    Thanks :)



    1. Peter Weijmarshausen

      Hi Rob,

      sure! Which models would that be? Have searched and found 2 models with the Christmas tag.


  7. rob parthoens

    Winner announced 1st of December….
    What happend?

  8. Shapeways Blog

    After the great success of last years Co-Create Christmas Contest we have to decided to launch it a little earlier this year so you will have more of an opportunity to order and sell your designs once the contest is over.Once again we are looking for ne

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