Shapeways Opens It’s First School of 3D Printing with Skillshare

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Want to learn how to make your own designs for real with 3D printing? The Shapeways Skillshare School is now ready to help.  We have started to assemble some highly knowledgable and talented 3D designers to help people learn how to design for 3D printing.

We are in the process of populating the school with classes by Aaron TrocolaNatalia Krasnodebska, Kevin Wei and Duann Scott ranging from beginner to more advanced tutorials.  You can subscribe to the school or a particular class to see when one is happening near you.

If you are interested in teaching a class in 3D printing please get in touch and let us know what you have in mind, it may work as part of the Shapeways Skillshare School


  1. Samantha Gratz

    Hello! I am interested in becoming a part of the skill share school.

  2. chris

    i am interested in teaching a class.

  3. Sander Veenstra

    I like to subscribe to the school and want to be keep informed about all the activities of the school, particular getting lessons and where to start if you wanna learn 3D printing

    1. lynn

      Hi Sandra

      I am a complete newbie and would love to learn 3D printing skills.

      Many thanks
      Kind regards

      Lynn Tindale

  4. Friedrich Teigelkamp

    Hi there,

    I’m very interested in 3D printing, and have some basic skills already, but would like to learn some more :)

    Kind regards


  5. Ivy

    would love to participate in a newbie class. Have ordered several things from Shapeways and love the concept!

  6. sabradarlenehardy

    SHAPEWAYS SCHOOL IS WHAT I’VE BEEN PRAYING FOR. it makes sure there are instructors wherever you are in the shapeways global family i love that but most of all i want to take KEVIN WEI class i saw his work close up at the Material Connexion exhibit in NYC. Here’s the thing. alot of 3d work happens on expensive software, but 3d software like Blender or Sketch up is out there, instruction for it is expensive. Look i would not disparage the work of Jonathan williamson at all he’s fantastic but he’s also $80.00 an hour. I want to learn Blender but i want to afford it too i know that’s a tall order can anyone fill it. my main interest is JEWELERY CAD/CAM DESIGN.

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