3D printed chair, a marble kitchen and fruit canon

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Thomas Linssen of StudioThol designed a full sized 3D printed chair for Dutch Design Week and we were proud to have on the stand. The Hypernurbs chair was so inviting that despite the do not touch signs people couldn’t keep their hands off of it. Some of the 3D printing astute will note that the chair could not be produced in one piece. This is true, currently the build envelopes of 3D printing machines make printing a chair impossible. Thomas therefore printed out his chair in parts and then glued it together after. Unlike the other items on the stand Hypernurbs is not a final product. Thomas is looking to have it produced in bronze right now. Be sure to check out his site and the great kitchen on the index page. His cocktail glass is another strong piece of design. As are his childrens kitchen appliances including this canon that cuts fruit.

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