Introducing Fresh New Colors Now Available on Shapeways

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We have researched color trends, asked the Shapeways community, leaked images on Shapeways Live, tested the colors in the streets of New York and finally it is time to release the fresh new colors on Shapeways.

We have updated our old red dyed flexible with a more contemporary red with a slightly orange hue and replaced the Indigo with a bright vibrant purple. Tt is hard for the photographs to do justice to these eye popping colors as they are both incredibly rich colors that everyone oohed and aahed over when we tested them ‘in the field’.

Take a look at the images below to see how the colors look on different geometries. 

Padfoot iPad Stand by Michiel Cornelissen

iPhone 4 Case by ChangIDesign

Rodin Pendant ByNatalia

(other sizes available)

Triangulated Cuff by Archetype Z Studio 
(other sizes available)

Bike Planter by Wearable Planter
(other sizes available)

These colors are available as a three month trial, after which we will retain them along with Black Strong and Flexible if they prove popular, pricing will remain the same ($1.75 + $1.75/cc).

In the past we have automatically added new colors to shop owners product pages which has caused some problems for some of you so for this launch, and for now on you will need to opt in to the new colors

This means for you and your customers to purchase your designs in the new colors you will need to edit you product page, select the new colors and add your mark-up. This holds for both the new purple and the new red as we do not want you to confuse the new colors.

You may also want to take this time to spring clean your shops and take down images of the old colors.

We do really hope you love these new colors as much as we do so that they can become a permanent part of the Shapeways rainbow of color 3D printing.

Let us know what you think of the new colors, what will you make first, what colors would you like to see next?

We are already testing some fantastic colors we are tweaking to perfection……. 


  1. nancyliang

    Thanks!!! We have a few more colors in the pipeline. Still tweaking based on customer feedback. Hope to have a few more goodies for you guys soon. Woot woot!

  2. nancyliang

    Also, feel free to let us know if you have any other color request!

  3. ByNatalia

    YAY! They look fantastic! I love the saturation, can’t wait to wear the red pendant for spring.

  4. JRT

    “Color is a toy; let’s play with it.” (Kitty Bitty)

    The new colors look great well done. It s also great to hear that there are a few more colors in the works that you are still tweaking. I was very hopeful that the new colors would reflect those colors shown on the clock in the earlier blog – I waited up till 3am (Australia time) to see the new colors and was a little disappointed .

    As for new colors *check out ‘Kitty Bitty – Ongoing Project: 99 rainbows’.* manicured photos on flickr – there are some colors I would like to see.

  5. cwestbrook

    Hey, is anyone else having trouble ordering the new colors?

    I edited my listings to have the new colors, but for some reason only still see the old ones to purchase.

    1. Dario Scapitta Design


      Me too, I’ve just tried minutes ago to upgrade my colour list but it’s still showing the old colours. I think we have to wait.

      However, nice colours! I’m waiting to test and see them.


  6. Wahtah

    Same problem here, new colors are not visible after editing.

    But I also noticed that purple is more expensive than red and black. Is this because you make purple with red and blue :-) ?

  7. Duann

    Colors should be working properly now,

    Please let us know if you have any issues..


  8. CWestbrook

    Yay! Thanks for the info Duann.

    1. duann


      One of the new colors is on the window sill now…

      LOVE it…

  9. schnellingo

    Two questions, coming any other colors?
    Or only red (might be okay) and purple (no need). If not it mean for me a
    real step backward.

    Still need a blue and any green, yellow would be nice.

    And what is about the amazing squishy material (my last hope…).

  10. nancyliang

    Working on a blue. :) Green is in the pipeline as well but after the blue.

    As for the squishy, we are getting closer and closer. Since this is a new material (for the entire industry) it’s taking some time to tweak just right. When we launch we want to make sure we deliver quality squishiness to you guys.

  11. raymond Aschheim

    Hi Nancy
    i hope you will make us as next blue a deep outremer blue or klein blue
    as brilliant for the blue than the new red

  12. alexander.rodgers

    The colours look nice but it is a shame that there are only two of them. Is there a technical reason other colours can’t be used in 3D printing? Hopefully a full range of colours will be available eventually.

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