3D Printing Scarcity and the Nyan Cat

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One of the great promises of 3D printing is that it allows for an infinite umber or reproductions of an individual object over time.  Once a 3D files is produced, it can be 3D printed once, one hundred, one thousand times or more in what some have been calling a realization of the ‘post-scarcity economy‘.  Sometimes factors outside the physical production and material availability play a part in equation and sadly the popular Nyan “Pop-Tart” Cat 3D modeled by Sevensheaven is no longer available as a 3D printed product, exactly one year after the birth of the original Pop Tart Cat by Christopher Torres on April 2nd, 2011. 

We have all grown to love the Nyan Cat and it has always been a big favorite at events capturing the hearts of all those who came into contact with the cute little cat.  Following is a gallery of the Nyan Cat in the wild, but what will happen to those Nyan Cat’s now roaming the earth?  Will there value increase with scarcity, a product that once had the promise of infinite availability is now of a very limited edition. Will we start to see 3D printed Nyan Cat’s going for auction on eBay and will we one day see them sold as part of a collection at Sotheby’s?


  1. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Any particular reason why its not longer being sold?

  2. Ben

    Yes, I’d like to know what’s stopping it from being sold too.
    And also, what’s to stop someone just making another digital version to exactly the same spec?

  3. Duann

    Sevensheaven was selling it with permission from Christopher Torres and that agreement has now changed.

  4. pdb

    are there anyways to authenticate the originals? if not then i agree with ben….whats to stop people replicating them if they do increase in price?

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