Peter Hermans’ DDW Punnik Waistband in action

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On Sunday Mieke Kleppe came by to pick up her DDW Punnik2.0 Waistband. This design by Peter Hermans(her boyfriend) won our Dutch Design Week competition and was designed specifically for her. I love the way it looks and hope that it will get a lot of other Shapeways members to start thinking about 3D printed jewelry. We like the idea of something unique designed for that unique someone.

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  1. aws357

    I always thought that 3D printing was the future of cosplay… (printing your costumes and jewels, now that’s an idea).

    Not that I indulge in this activity (it for some happy few) but seeing this design in action and how it looks great, I think it is a viable alternative to cardboard, spandex and tin foil.

  2. Peter Hermans


    Thanks to Shapeways for making this possible!
    And indeed; I didn’t put this in the description but it is in fact tailored to fit Mieke :) .

  3. Rob Mack

    Wow guys, congratulations to all involved in this, The waistband really looks great, it almost looks cloth like in its composition. Thanks for sharing the photos

  4. Ethan Parker

    It looks great! makes me want to try and fashion some chainmail style cloth to test.
    Hope it can hold up to use, even if not, that could look great as something like a mantel piece.

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